ALUCOBOND?,Guarding High Standard Clean Space

In the outbreak, health is our top concern every day. Recently, the central government has put forward the requirements of “improving the national public health emergency service system” and “optimizing the supply structure of medical and health resources”. In the field of construction, the progress of healthcare projects has drawn public attention.

ALUCOBOND? is involved in a wide range of medical applications around the world.

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, renovated in 2005, is winner of the WAN (world architecture news) medical design award. The building has adopted ALUCOBOND?PLUS composite panels in the perforation of its exterior to simulate the texture of white gauze used by hospitals, featuring lights twinkled from the holes. The design is extremely difficult in the addressing of huge blocks and has achieved both functionality and aesthetics.

National Engineering Research Center for Novel Vaccines

The Beijing-based National Engineering Research Center for Novel Vaccines, as the only domestic national-level novel vaccine R&D and industrialization base as well as service platform, requires top-level security measures. ALUCOBOND? Grade A2 fire-proof aluminum composite panels has come to the heavy guard of lives.


△Austria Therapiebad Hanusch

△South Lakes Birth Centre

△Hospital?Bayonne Capio

ALUCOBOND? boasts rich experience from its long-term operations in the medical sector, providing system integration solutions for healthcare projects.

Antibacterial coating

Fire protection rating of Grade A

Efficient production under a standard model

Prefabricated for easy installation

In 2011, ALUCOBOND? launched the antibacterial coating with three advantages: remarkable bacteriostatic effect; high corrosion resistance; meeting the highest standards of coating testing.

ALUCOBOND? Antibacterial Coating has strong corrosion resistance, so that a general cleaning agent available on the market will not cause damages to its surface. The coating is also easy to clean.

Meanwhile, it can effectively inhibit staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli, meeting the industry recognized standards of JIS_Z_2801-2010 and JIS_Z_2801-2010. ALUCOBOND? applies high performance and quality standards and has passed the test standards of SGS, the world’s leading coating testing agency.

Besides, ALUCOBOND? meets the high requirements for Grade A fire protection in public construction. The combustion performance of ALUCOBOND? Grade A2 aluminum composite panels has passed the following authoritative tests:

  • CTC testing: The results of combustion performance testing conform to the technical requirements for Grade A (A2-s1, d0, t0) panel-shaped non-combustible materials (products) in GB8624-2012. The calorific value of the core materials is lower than 3MJ/kg.
  • Intertek testing: The results of combustion performance testing is satisfactory. The calorific value of the core materials is lower than 3MJ/kg.

In 2016, as the state office proposed the “guiding opinions on developing prefab buildings” in document No. 71, prefab buildings has become a powerful impetus for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry into tech-driven development. We mentioned the concept of prefabricated buildings earlier in “ALUCOBOND?: A Sensible Solution Provider”. Prefabricated buildings imply the existence of prefabrication processes, which standardize more work in the factory, making on-site construction easier, less polluting and less energy-intensive. In a busy place like a hospital, disturbances to the routine operation can be minimized to reflect people-orientation.

At the same time, ALUCOBOND? Antimicrobial Coating reaches the standards mainly through the path of modulus coordination and module combination. The light, tough and portable features of ALUCOBOND? products are consistent with the requirements of prefabricated buildings.

?△Slovenija Casa Invisible

The interior is the most accessible to patients and doctors, and can directly reflect the level of humanized design of the medical building. Prefabricated parts for interior decoration can quickly change the hospital’s internal space. Prefabricated buildings require the separation of equipment pipelines from the main structure, and the equipment pipelines are arranged in the partition wall or the keel of decorative surface. Therefore, it can achieve rapid operations in cases of pipeline inspection and replacement, and make the building more durable. In emergency medical events, prefabricated interior parts are even more advantageous – “fewer specifications for more combinations”, and the hospital can quickly change its layout to face the challenge of higher requirements.

From both exterior and interior decoration, prefabrication design not only improves the eco-friendliness and convenience of construction processes, and delivers more people-centered medical spaces, but also but also provides sufficient possibilities for future renovation.

· Antibacterial coating

·?Fire protection rating of Grade A

·?Efficient production under a standard model

·?Prefabricated for easy installation

ALUCOBOND? provides professional and quick system integration solutions for medical building projects to ensure public safety in emergencies.

ALUCOBOND? will create greater value as a sensible solution provider.