Find Hidden Minerals in the Earth with Us

Summer is a scorching season, yet it is invariably linked to treasure hunt adventures despite all of a sweat.

Now, you don’t need to go deep into mountains and forests to seclude yourself from the world. ALUCOBOND? has moved hidden minerals in the earth pursued by treasure hunters into the city.

In the“Form Redefind Beijing” that just ended the last two weeks

many visitors showed?a lot of interest in


At the crack of dawn,

the first wisp of golden sunlight shines on the mountains and disappears soon

The artist has eternalized this moment


With Alucobond? Terracotta

The texture-rich surface fully restores the undulating landscape and shining glory of the gullies and hills.

Without unnatural and affected traits

ALUCOBOND? Terra Series strives to move hidden minerals in the earth into the city and its buildings.

Impasto in the World of Architecture

“Terra” is impasto in the construction world. Painters from the Renaissance period systematically laid paint on an area of the surface in very thick layers to create unique textures and effects and capture highlights. Such a technique is called “impasto”. Unlike the previous smooth and glossy color series, the brilliance textures of ALUCOBOND? “Terra” adds luster to the architectural art, achieving a richer texture in building facades.

Ice Age contrasts &Antique glory









As its name suggests, ACTIC FROST is inspired by cold and frosted surfaces and offers a unique texture of crystal clear ice, reflecting the sunshine in special hues.


Slate has always been a traditional material for facades. Now we have added more modern and elegant elements to it so that it displays more than a slate texture.


Pitch-black lava stone can better highlight the natural black color. It looks mysterious, sometimes glossy and smooth, sometimes coarse and secretive.


The unique color of BRONZE is reminiscent of antique treasures and art nouveau. Bronze decor imparts buildings with elegant warmth.


When it comes to generating warmth and tranquility, TERRACOTTA is a superlative material with unique color and texture that are distinguishable from common red colors. It is an attractive contrast to steel, cement and other cool facades and brings a sense of softness to the building.


All that glitters is not gold. It could also be PYRITE. This decor is inspired by the crystal’s brownish-golden sheen, as if it were gold buried in gravel.

About the Performance You Want to Know

ALUCOBOND? applies its exclusive coating technique so that the coated surface of “Terra” is like a miniature landscape with layered mountain peaks and valleys.

The surface with such unique treatment is featured by unique grandeur in three-dimensional shapes.

Unlike conventional metal surfaces with added metal glitter for a metallic feel, ALUCOBOND? Terra Series offers a unique surface that delivers a different sense of metallic mineral texture, as its name suggests, with a natural raw mineral feel.