2018? 10/15~11/05
DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu

“FORM REDEFINED”——ALUCOBOND? Collection come back again!

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We chose the word “Form Redefined” as the theme of the first show. Designers will use ALUCOBOND?’s materials to make fleeting beauty in architectures immortal by abstract and diverse art forms, representing some kind of natural and unique charm. The theme of “Form Redefined” is combined with traditional Chinese culture and explains what is the figurativeness of art. As a designer who has long-term cooperation with us, Charlie Huang has a unique view on space design.


Today, ALUCOBOND? COLLECTION aims to redefined the urban space. The space of freedom has been delineated – a space to free your body and mind, in the form and redefinition of nature, without hustle and bustle, without bounds and constraints.

The 21-day show will be kicked off on?October?15th at DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu, China. We welcome all guests to visit the show.