In 1969, the aluminum composite panels from ALUCOBOND? left the laboratory for the market. In 1999, ALUCOBOND? made its way to China. This year, ALUCOBOND?’s 50 years of development worldwide and 20 years in China call for a celebration to mark its 50th anniversary, which was held successfully in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province of China. At the ceremony, ALUCOBOND? also unveiled its new product “Song Porcelain”, which is inspired by Song porcelain masterpieces.

A total of 162 guests from 23 countries attended the ceremony. On the morning of October 21st, all guests joined a company tour that visited the plant, exhibition halls, office areas, production lines and workshops of ALUCOBOND? in Changzhou.

In the afternoon, a conference took place with Dr. Heinz Baumgartner, Group Director delivering an opening address. Following the “NEXT” video, he explained the concept of ALUCOBOND? “NEXT & BEYOND” to the audience, which emphasizes on ALUCOBOND?’s never-ending and enterprising pursuit of innovation and unlimited possibilities from exterior walls to art installations.

【Dr Heinz Baumgartner】

Dr. Tarek Haddad,?CEO of the Asia Pacific Region, proposed the concept of “ALUCOBONDING”, the definition of which includes every employee, authorized distributor and recognized partner of 3A Composites. ALUCOBOND?’s achievements over the past 50 years depend on the collective efforts of every “ALUCOBONDING”. This humanistic concept reflects the spirit of enterprise and corporate cohesion of the company. BRIGHT STARS AND ORDINARY US, a short film depicting the ALUCOBONDING story was also shown at the conference.

【Dr Tarek Haddad 】

In addition, the new product series “Song Porcelain” was officially launched at the ceremony.

Porcelain, as a signature of China, weathers through thousands of ups and downs.?It won its highest acclaim in the Song Dynasty, leaving the most glorious legacy in history.?“Song Porcelain” is an impression of color that dates to the Song Dynasty?towards which we gaze upon.?ALUCOBOND? China, after three-year development,?has tried tens of thousands of times?and come near to the Holy Grail of Song’s treasure. It is a tribute to the Chinese classical culture.

Song Porcelain – Elegance Redefined